Renaming a VMWare Virtual Machine

This procedure was documented using VM Infrastructure 3.5 for altering ESXi 3.5 virtual machines. You may need to use Veeam to make the renaming adjustments. Could also be done via SSH.

CAUTION: If snapshots do exist and are needed, then you may need to alter the *.vmdk files to keep the chaining in place. If you do not need the snapshots, select “delete all” under the snapshot manager and perform this procedure after the host has consolidated them.


  1. Copy to new directory for backup
  2. Remove from inventory (do not select DELETE)
  3. Alter folder name if desired
  4. Rename the following inside the folder
  5. Rename *.vmx, vmdk, vmsd, vmxf, nvram
  6. Edit *.vmx (using a text editor)
    extendedConfigFile = “(old to new).vmxf”
    scsi0:0.fileName = “(old to new).vmdk”u
  7. Edit *.vmdk
    “Extent description” RW 16777216 VMFS “(old to new)-flat.vmdk”
  8. Edit *.vmxf
    Sandbox XP.vmx
  9. Add *.vmx file to inventory
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