Avaya VM PRO and One-X Migration to Windows

It make take some time to get this up and running…but it will be worth it.  Also, this procedure cures an issue where One-X users cannot retrieve Voicemails.

Before you begin installing the One-X Portal, you must have “Web Voicemail” installed and running on your VoiceMail Pro Server.  This is a special feature that is NOT install by default.

If you do not have it installed and/or cannot see the “Web Voicemail” option, ...

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Avaya UCM Problems

We recently experienced trouble with our Avaya Unified Communications Module (UCM). Naturally this occurred just after the 1 year warranty expired. So despite there being a proliferation of problems with these modules…Avaya would not do anything – so, we were forced to make some decisions.

We were able to resolve the problem by re-imaging the UCM.

Consider NOT replacing or fixing the UCM. After the UCM failed, our tech felt the quickest way to ...

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Installing equipment at one location is challenging but maintaining consistent quality from location to location is very challenging.  Throw in the need to communicate with multiple departments and comply with various local regulations at each site while completing the job within a narrow window of time and you can see why installation has become our fastest growing service.

Short Circuit has the ability to install complete systems or upgrade existing systems throughout the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.  We spend time ...

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