Chronicall Errors caused by [Missed Packet]






Errors within Xima’s Chronicall logs can be caused by the system missing reported events.  This can be seen within the Tomcat logs located “C:\Program Files (x86)\Xima Software\Chronicall\tomcat\logs”  Search by the Date Modified and inspect the latest file beginning with the Year-Month-Date-xxxxxx.log.

Within this file, look for [Missed Packet].  The line will look similar to:

“Tue May 05 13:22:04 CDT 2015 [Missed Packet: expecting 87034 received: 87036] Site: 1 Connection: 1 Address:  xx.xx.xx.xx”

Any number of network errors can cause this problem.  However, if the Chronicall Server is running as a virtual machine in a VMware Host, you may need to use the enchanced VMXNET 3 NIC versus the E1000 emulated nic.  To change the VMware guest, you’ll need to delete the E1000 NIC and Add the VMXNET 3 by editing the virtual machines’s hardware.




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