What a Service Company Should Be

We developed our service model with the help of Loss Prevention to reduce both the cost and downtime associated with servicing equipment. The traditional model was to dispatch a service technician when equipment had failed, diagnose the problem and then return with the appropriate equipment. Our solution was to eliminate the first trip by troubleshooting over the phone before dispatching service and if onsite service was needed, to dispatch the right technician with the right equipment to minimize return trips.

We have the equipment knowledge through our experience as a repair company and over the years have developed a nationwide network of field service technicians, currently servicing all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. If we are unable to resolve the problem over the phone, we coordinate scheduling with your store and follow up after the service has been performed to ensure the problem is resolved. Periodic reporting is also available to keep corporate up-to-date without having to be involved.

We stock most replacement components and can warehouse specific equipment, if needed, to avoid delays in shipping. With our centralized location, we can reach two-thirds of the country by ground within two days.

The combination of resolving issues over the phone, eliminating multiple trips, having an inventory of available equipment and periodic reporting has provided the reduction in cost and downtime that our customers seek and the communication that they need.


Have Questions??

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