Is It Time To Consider IP?

As the images in CCTV systems get bigger and sharper, and the cameras capturing those images keep dropping in price, the ability to convert to a megapixel CCTV system are within reach of many budgets. The most common transport for megapixel images is IP. There are a variety of methods to record and store these images including a Network Video Recorder (NVR), Networked Attached Storage (NAS), Edge recording, and Cloud Storage. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages depending on your CCTV goals. The one thing that all of this new technology has in common is the necessity of integrating with the existing network infrastructure.

To get you started in this brave new world we will be posting two articles covering what you need to know.  NVR Recording 101 will help get you started in the world of Network Video Recording.  And Intro to IP Cameras will discuss the basics of today outstanding line high definition CCTV camera.

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